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The Rust Programming Language downloadable pdf

Everyone seems to be talking about Rust at the moment. It’s a new programming language which is “empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software”.

There’s a great book you can read for free online but there didn’t seem to be a downloadable version for reading offline so I created a PDF using GitBook and the source repository.

Since it might be useful to someone else I’ve uploaded it here. This version was created from the repo on 4th April 2019. If I get round to it, I’ll write a script to keep it autoupdated in future.

Download the Rust manual in PDF here

The Rust Project is copyright 2010, The Rust Project Developers. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 or the MIT license at your option.

Header image credit : unsplash-logoJerry Charlton saga : what’s going on with Apple’s app review process?

Apple’s app review process has been the bane of developers lives for almost eight years now. Stories abounded of apparently arbitrary rejections and interminable waits for the fruity deity to bestow its blessings. But one thing we could all agree on was that it did help to keep an immense amount of rubbish out of the App Store.

In recent months, though, something weird has been happening. The app review process went from a fairly consistent 4-6 days down to a previously unimaginable one day. As an app developer myself, this was hugely welcome but, as an iOS user, I have to worry that the quality of the process has taken a similar dive.
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