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Cheapest Amazon EC2 Spot Price Finder

Amazon EC2 provides a great way to rent processing power in the cloud and Spot Pricing gets you great pricing by bidding on spare capacity in the cloud. Quite often I find myself wanting to run some processing load but find it hard to immediately see which region is cheapest at that given time. So I knocked up a quick script to give me the info in a handy table.

You can see the current cheapest Amazon EC2 spot prices here

YOURLS reCaptcha plugin

YOURLS is a great little PHP script for running your own short URL service like or tinuyrl.

Unfortunately public YOURLS installations are a prime target for spammers looking for a way to cloak their spammy links and make them harder for other sites to recognise as spam. Out of the box (and by design) YOURLS doesn’t have any spam protection as the developers prefer to focus on the core functions and leave extra functions to the rather excellent plugin architecture.
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